Sokol kula, Konavle


Sokol kula, Konavle

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3 hours



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Buggy Safari

Duration: Half day - Four (4) hours
Price: 30€ per person
Fort entrance tickets are not included in the price.

Tour Overview

Fan of ancient castles and fortifications?

Give us a chance to introduce you with ancient history of Dubrovnik. About 37 kilometers outside of Dubrovnik, there lie an archaeological finds found beneath the fortress prove and confirm the continuity of life in the area since the Copper Age around the 2300 BC until the abandonment of the fort in the second half of the 17th century. Dubrovnik took over the possession of the fort in 1420. From then onwards work on it began with continuous upgrades, arming and maintenance. Sokol Grad was a military fort in which, at the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, between ten and fifteen people lived. From the archival findings it is known that during times of war up to twenty would live there, while in peacetime this would fall to below ten. Enjoy amazing view from the Fort to whole area of Konavle and listen to stories about local history from our experienced driver/guide.
Additional info:

Price: 30€ per person
Duration: Four (4) hours
Note: Fort entrance tickets are not included in the price.